About Us

It's not just about the technology...
...anyone can screw a camera to a wall.


Originally established within one of the region’s largest and most respected security companies employing over 17,000 people and operating an extensive security command and control infrastructure for Emirates Group and throughout the UAE, Red Solutions not only understand how to design and implement sophisticated security management systems, we understand them from an “end-user” perspective too. That means we understand why after-sales service and support are so important.


Having installed and integrated some of the largest CCTV and Access Control Systems in the region, and possessing in-house expertise from specialist multi-national security design staff, we are able to undertake major projects at the cutting edge of security technology. We remain product and manufacturer independent, and maintain qualified and certified engineering teams for every vendor we choose to include in our product portfolio. Our extensive manufacturer partner programme connects us to world-class solution providers.

Red Solutions proven track record, structure and responsible management give peace of mind to our clients. Red Solutions ability to deliver on its promises is already proven. Why work with an unknown quantity when you can work with Red Solutions?


We believe in having the right people doing the right jobs right.
Our management structure is relatively flat and encourages the cross pollenisation of ideas and creative problem solving across the whole company.
The biographies of our personnel are available on the home page and a company organisation chart can be downloaded from this page.


To bring security and peace of mind to everyone we deal with, both through the solutions we supply and through our honesty, diligence and ethical behaviour.


Red Solutions aims to become an Internationally recognized brand, as a leader in the security solutions integration sector indigenous to the Middle East and synonymous with quality and thought leadership.

Core Values

We always do what we say we're going to do.
We always consider the consequences of our actions and in-actions.
Our clients place us in a position of trust, so we treat them and their valued information with the highest integrity at all times.
Everyone is part of the same team.
We want our customers to say "WOW"!
We always try to anticipate the complaint.
Nobody in our organization is too senior to ignore our core values, or too junior to insist upon them.